3 Days of Outpatient IV-SM

September 10th, 2008

Last day of IV-SM today, and I’ve been told by yesterday’s nurse just to let today’s nurse know where to stick me… Day 1 and 2 nurses both had 4-5 unsuccessful tries before getting the inner elbow on the left side. That is where I am to instruct today’s nurse to put in the catheter.  I guess my veins just LOOK so juicy and gorgeous under my pale skin.  🙂

September 9th, 2008

Day #2 of 3 (IV-SM) will be today. I can already start seeing slight improvements… in that, I’ve been on the computer for over an hour, and barely any pain. Pretty sweet.

It’s a little unsettling to get my transfusions in the Oncology department… but hey, the chairs kick back and warm your buns. I napped like a champ yesterday!

Got plenty of stuff to be doing, but my walking/motor skills are back to crap again. I ordered a cane today. Just a plain, chrome dealie for $10. Big step. so to speak. But when you get asked on-sight constantly by medical personnel if you need a wheelchair to get where you’re going, a cane will be worth shutting that up. I got just plain chrome because all searches for “fashionable” or “stylish” canes took me to models in bright florals and nautical patterns. Nuh-uh.

Ok, time to be, um, “productive.” Whatever that means for today. 🙂

September 8th, 2008

Leaving shortly for the first of 3 2-hour sessions of IV-Solumedrol. I’ve been pretty resolutely optimistic since my July Dx, but with already being “bad off” enough to take short term disability at work, and now having to start my disability with an unexpected round of IV-SM for optic neuritis, I am feeling pretty low. In addition to my body feeling terrible, my mind and heart are feeling a kind of despair I’m not used to. I know that I have every right to feel depressed and scared — that’s human. But I don’t like how deep these bad feelings are burrowing into my heart.

How do I get rid of all this fear?

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