Betaseron Discoveries, FMLA

Betaseron titration can actually, as I learned yesterday, worsen MS symptoms during “the body has to get used to this shit” phase. Of which I’m really getting into the nitty gritty. Ah, irony. Within another two weeks, I’m moving into the full dose, and after a week into this last titration, I feel pretty rough. Thank goodness for having FMLA in place, possible Short-Term Disability to take, and the ADA on my side. I guess that’s one “advantage” to disability… something’s out there to look out for your wellbeing. I apparently have been underestimating the amount of help I’d have to swallow my pride and actually seek.

I looked at canes for the first time today; it’ll be sooner than I thought, probably, before I’ll need one. If I do end up needing my available, federally-sanctioned time off, it’ll be all about opening up a shopfront at and trying to recoup at least some of the financial loss. I’ve got boxes upon boxes of books still unpacked, after three years, in the garage. My aunt does it full-time and makes pretty good $$$, so I’m betting I can bring in SOME kind of money before the STD kicks in.

MS is really starting to affect my life in ways I hadn’t expected. The overwhelming relief of having a diagnosis has carried me this far, but reality trumps relief every time. I never expected that I wouldn’t be able to do my job. A desk job, at that. It’s a tough nut to swallow. Or something.

Oh well, at least we’re going out to a movie tonight! 🙂 I’m still in relatively good spirits, so there’s always that.

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