More Optic Neuritis Begins…

September 4th, 2008

I’ve just had a long 5-day weekend, between my PTO and labor day, and tomorrow when I go in I have to go straight to the HR office and see about getting my short-term disability in place until my titration is done and my body settles down. I want to work through the next week, if possible — I don’t go up a dose again until next weekend, and it’s the end of titration… after that, it’s just about giving my body time to adjust to the constant dosing. Before then, I’d like to make sure I’ve got all the loose ends on my plate tied up, project-wise. I’m still doing alright with dvd covers. 🙂

Last night, I had a bad dream about our HR director giving me mountains of paperwork and circuitous instructions until I was in a panic. I guess I still have some fears about being denied STD (Short Term Disability), despite having paid into it for over 3 years now.

Today? Finishing up yesterday’s list, and keeping my nerves at bay. Let’s hope tomorrow goes well…

September 1st, 2008

Why won’t my Dr. fax me back?!?! It’s been over 24 hours, and I need to have everything turned in by tomorrow. No later. I’m already anxious enough about “taking disability” to need a clonazepam with my morning coffee.

I can barely work this week, and even the thought of one more day is just about unbearable. Yesterday, I lost my vision at work for about an hour. I MacGuyver’d some ice cubes in a latex glove, wrapped it in paper towels, and moved it around my neck, eyes, and back.

Just a half hour in the car / in the heat only long enough to walk in and out of two establishments, and now my eyes hurt again, I see white flashes, and I am exhausted. How do I get this dvd boxcover done if I can’t really look directly at my monitor?!\

This is utter poop. Utter.

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