I’ve been too busy riding the physiological rollercoaster to keep this blog updated, but the amount of support and inspiration in my life has me coming back for more.

What have I been doing instead of chronicling my “amazing jouirney?” Let’s see…

  • Working 40hrs/week
  • Seeing multiple specialists (urologist, psychologist, spinal MRIs…)
  • Re-routinizing my life for foundational stability
  • Waking up with terrible nerve pain through my groin
  • Not having the $$ to pay medical bills
  • Joining Facebook
  • Feeling newly creative/inspired
  • Keeping the kitchen clean

… In lieu of the ease of blogging, I’ve had a myriad of “just living my own damn life” moments, and I’m… okay… with that.  Normalcy (or some semblance thereof) makes it a lot easier to make it through the midnight searing pain wake-ups and general clumsy maneuvering. Now that I’m (more or less) adjusted to the Betaseron injections, it feels like there is an actual possibility of my lifeasIknowit not being completely demolished. I’m glad, because erring on the side of optimism tends to work out better in the long run.

Right now? I’m on my lunch break, and will soon be going back to the work of designing DVD boxcovers. Gotta make the paycheck! 🙂

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