Die-hard Rauschenbergist confesses!

Thank you for enduring the interminable length of time it’s taking me to make something substantial and worthwhile out of this blog. The tabs added at the top are general headers for where I’d like to post artwork I’d be posting explanations about here.

I’ve started working with a lot of found media, especially the enormous amount of beautiful paperwaste that comes with every month’s shipment of Betaseron. Every box of Betaseron has one obligatory tissue thin fold-out about the drug — warnings, side effect, instructions ohow/where to inject — as well as thirty individually sealed “packets” containing the powder, syringe with saline, and a nifty little apparatus that connects the two for mixing prior to injection.

I’m a die-hard Rauschenbergist, and faithful to the church of Dada — one of the worst things that can happen to a person may be one of the most incredible gifts to me, as an artist.

Of course, it’s easy to be romantic about theoreticals when you’ve had a few days at the low-end of the “badness” scale (I still much prefer the word “badness” to “disability”).  That whole adage of “if the bad wasn’t there, the good couldn’t exist” seems to mean something so much more. And not to be a total girl about it, but I have more reason to believe in myself than I ever. have. At least when I’ve been feeling something akin to “normal” for a week or so. 🙂

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