Oh, and a wayward technical update:

Because it’s been so long since I’ve documented things properly, I want to note:

  1. I am still planning on writing that letter to the NC medical board re: my first neurologist.
  2. Now, I am a patient at the Carolina’s Medical Center’s Multiple Sclerosis Clinic.
  3. This has resulted in a little explosion of visits to specialists: a new primary care physician (yeah, that’s another letter I need to jot), psychiatry, urology, radiology, obstetrics, and (still forthcoming) a “speech and swallow study.” It is incredible after over a decade of feeling secretly, quietly insane to have the level of attention paid to helping me.
  4. I totally had to hop a curb to get to one appointment, to a building filled with patients in vegetative states surrounding me in the waiting area and the dulcet tones of an autistic teenager shrieking. That was the day I narrowly, but successfully, avoided catheterization. Oh, and the day I got my first “pee hat.”

    Pee Hat

  5. The injections are getting slowly, but progressively, easier.
  6. I feel properly-, and not under-/over- medicated. Lord knows there’s enough strange stuff going into and on in my body.
  7. I am feeling more like myself than I have in some time.

The state of the nation, in essence, feels pretty on-track. 🙂

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