It took almost two months, but my unemployment has started coming in (meager as it may be) and the possibility of re-routinization has helped Q and I both lift our heads above the waterline.

I am a stellar, if not inelegant, housewife. I try to get things done around the house, I keep the kitchen in full wifely order, and I’m turning back to art for reassurance. I have some pretty obnoxiously fun projects in the works (read: in my head), and in the meantime am returning to a little past-attack of models and grids. There is so much I want to make, so I suppose that means I am keeping my chin up. Officially, I do still get the nasty bruises every other day wherever the needle goes in. Unofficially, I wonder if the Betaseron is working well enough for that to be worth it. I’m giving it its time, and future MRIs hold the only answer.

I feel as though I wait professionally. Besides, I can’t afford any tattoos right now so I should be happy by the rotating dollar-coin-sized gradients from pink to indigo.

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