Nothing to see here… :)

I’ve been a terrible blog-mama, but I lay blame at all the peripheral shit-storms going on in my life right now. Between financial worries and SSRI failure, I hafta say that I’m doing my best job of keeping my head down and plowing through life. The job hunt is producing minimal results, and I can’t get my portfolio site up ( until, at the earliest, this weekend.

While the weather has been nice (aka: “not too hot”), I’ve taken some walks around the neighborhood, and have enjoyed using the newfound garage space for both artistic and weight-training purposes. Hell, if I’m at home all day the least I can do is spend 20 minutes on the bench while it’s still possible TO lift weights.

Right now, my priority is the SSRI failure. Friday will bring a Doctor’s appointment and hopefully some kind of resolution to the anxiety overload no longer being addressed by the Rx I already take.

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