It has been six months without my computer and six months of being single for the first time in my adult life. I suppose I can consider that The Universe’s way of waking me up Rip Van Winkle style and reintroducing me with a blank slate. While I know I am in a better place now than I have been for almost a decade, MS does not and will never take a break for mental health. Since I left my partner and moved home near the end of last year, I have dealt with things surrounded by family and holiday baked goods and added back a good portion of the weight I thought I’d lost for good.

But that is neither here nor there to MS. I know from a month without Betaseron that the pain of injections is a far better side effect than is my body without Beta-Interferon. The pseudoexacerbations were bad enough to renew my fidelity to the syringe, and the worsening South Carolina heat bit my pride in the ass and prompted registration for a Handicap Placard. I know from experience that just walking across a parking lot in the summer can result in blindness and more falls. Hell, even in nice weather I will go numb from the waist down after a few minutes of walking.

The windshield tag was a big step; the next big step will be looking into walking devices, though I hope to avoid canes and forearm crutches as long as I can.

Oh, and there was a lot of art in 2009:

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