Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

I’ve been spending the day working as “smarter not harder” as forcibly possible on the gathering of my artwork; for every hour outside, I come back inside and sit at the computer for an hour. My cervical collar is in the garage freezer for me to wear while I finish up canvases and trims outside. With bathing suit on, I can jump in the pool at will. I have kept in mind my body temperature, blood sugar, hydration and energy in a smart, proactive way at which in the past I have been so poor.

I am heart-swollen that both of my big brothers (and their fiancés) are all pitching in with such incredible thoughtfulness and love — their belief in me keeps me from running from this first step on a journey of 1,000 miles. I have friends coming who are as happy for me as I should’ve been for myself years ago. I never gave genuine credence to the idea that I could ever walk so far, and now when faced with the literal actuality of losing abilities like walking I feel braver and better than ever.

With trying to get all of the outdoors work needed before then out of the way today, just the signing, dating, and numbering of prints remains. The business cards I designed are here, and tomorrow I will treat myself to my first pedicure. I’ve got only openly realistic expectations of my lasting power for five hours in 95° South Carolina heat, but I have a superhero team surrounding me which naturally includes two professional paramedics, one of the strongest men alive and an organizational professional. I am already lucky going in, and predict being lucky coming out.

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