Coming Out of the Canvas

This past Sunday I took my art out in public for the first time; it was was one of the best days of anyone’s life, anywhere. It absolutely could not have been — would not have been — if I didn’t have such veritably wonderful big brothers. Because they are both nearly a decade my senior, I grew up knowing them almost entirely as my own personal superheroes; life being what it is, we all took our own directions for a time and are all three in the same city now for the first time since my childhood. Somewhere in our own stories I became an adult and was forced to forget the veracity in having “superheroes.” I haven’t known that mix of combined complete happiness, trust, pride and gratitude since I was little. I never expected I would again.

The entire backboard display was handmade for me, my sisters-in-law were there to help with everything and I saw several friends during the day. Even as hot as it was, I know what got me through a physically-trying day in 105° was the giddiness of being so loved. I had no idea that I had so many things to show, and have never felt such happy self-esteem.

I was able to spend five solid hours in these extraordinary temperatures without falling or going blind. Well, around 5:30pm the sun cast away our shade and I was made to seek shelter moments before my vision left me — so it didn’t. Making it until the end of the day was tantamount to my winning an Olympic Gold Medal, and carried me into the lovely evening of family celebration afterward.

It has taken me nearly a week to stay out of bed long enough to even blog from the resulting fatigue of such an epic victory, but I still consider it a victory and I still feel the same joy when I think of the day’s events. It was the kind of gift I assumed I’d always imagined actually existing, all from having my family back in daily life. Nothing can physiologically overcome MS, but having an inordinate amount of love in one’s life can certainly help.

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