Paraphrased, of course

Neurologist: So what can we do for your care now? What’s your toughest issue?
Me: Definitely the dizziness; anything you can do to get me out of this personal hell wherein I wait longingly for escape in bedtime.

So we are trying the introduction of Neurontin; because it shows assistance in other neuralgic symptoms caused by MS, maybe it can help my entirely paroxysmal disequilibrium. Today is day three; because I have noticed no effects (+ or -) I am doubling the dose as per medical advice. I have permission to move up to 300mg if I began receiving relief.

I feel certain, were my left thigh/groin in one of its inexplicably excruciating blitzkriegs, that this would be a helpful medication so I am fine purchasing my Rx at street value (ie, “without health insurance”).

As soon as my next bank statement comes in the mail, I will be sending in my application for the Betaseron Assistance Program; I have almost a month of injections still on hand so I hope to not undergo another several weeks off while the paperwork is handled. This way I won’t perhaps add cause to any of those mostly unpredictable pseudoexacerbations.

The injections have never not been painful — and it’s not my technique or the sting of a 30 gauge needle. The solution, itself, aggravates the subcutaneous tissue into which it is interjaculated. While I watch the red bar on the BetaJect move down, I keep the needle cap between my front teeth and bite and wonder at the searing torment of it all. Then I tell myself to call the Waaaaahmbulance and add all of the medical waste to my collection.

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