The Nickelodeon Theater

Last night I took the hour ride into downtown Columbia to see a true friend for “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” I have known her seven years but have not seen her for the last five. I couldn’t believe how much I had missed that incomparably fantastic woman, and it was very “Harry Potter finds a new horcrux” because it was very much like having a piece of who I am returned. Meeting a new friend of hers was icing on the cake. And then we saw Banksy figuratively spray paint said cake.

The movie was very good. It’s “The Urinal” by Duchamp done with film; I both wanted very badly to do street art, and then subsequently realized how gauche I was being. Unlike most films about art it instead mocks the value of the concept of “artist.”

Oh, and you could totally buy buckets of beer for the show. I miss downtown Columbia. I have forgotten it for so long because for so long I had forgotten myself. And yada, yada, yada… inspired by my disease to wake the fuck up and live unabashedly, etc etc.

Again, I use one of my first reactions to my Dx: “There’s never been a better time to have MS!” And I’m going to make what I have count. /sap

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