MS Central Question of the Week: What’s On Your Bucket List?

What’s on my “Bucket List?”

1. Skydiving. Of course.Help, I've fallen and I can't get up! The idea of plummeting to the earth sounds positively liberating to someone who’s known paralysis and vertigo so disabling that it is still, years later, a wonder that death did not then occur. I was never terrified by the thought of trying it, but the added bonus of giving whatever fates may see the bird from 10,000′ has me enthralled.

2. Get more tattoos. Get as many as I want. Wikipedia it. And maybe continue to be a crazy elitist art historian about it. This corporal packaging is temporary and on the irregular rack at best. I love art and have a reduced sensation of pain: it just works out.

This is a house.
3. Own my own home.

4. Go to a live taping of Saturday Night Live. I love the Andy! Akiva! Jorma!current cast, was weened to it from the bottle and have a great amount of respect — both academic and reverential — for the institution at large. I would shank a bitch for backstage passes. I would commit even more unspeakable crimes to touch a Lonely Island graduate.

5. Return to Italy. The living room of the Renaissance Mi ricordo sognare in la lingua bella é io manco quello terribile. I lungamente per Urbino é l’arte bizantino dorato. I still own a now flameless gift shop lighter from Ravenna. It was only one of many sights that made me weep by their ecstatic experience. The Pantheon, the Uffizi gallery, the Sistene ceiling, Pompei — and still so much left unvisited.

6. Travel, travel, travel. Anywhere. Everywhere.

7. My my poker face.See at least one Lady GaGa show. I have a ticket for her concert in Charlotte on my 30th birthday. Eat it, h8ers.

8. Start a profitable, location-independent business doing something I love. It could be an art therapy studio, an art gallery or a restaurant with my older brothers.

9. Hearty! Maintain or improve my health.

10. Create street art. Be in more public art displays, performances or installations.

…That would make a nice top ten; I’m sure one’s bucket list is meant to grow and be depleted at the same time. A cup which never runneth over.

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