Through Pompei

The last week-ish has been astoundingly and tragically melodramatic for a family who has already traversed several lifetimes of tragedy.

My car suddenly needs a new transmission to compliment its new engine, my parents’ van blew a head gasket and my brother’s fiancé’s car was totaled by a friend. These passable, though financially awful, obstacles were eclipsed by a terrible auto accident that has left my mother’s sister motionless from the waist down and her beautiful young daughter traumatized in a way most people will never have to understand.

We all know that when it rains, it pours. It wouldn’t be a cliché if we didn’t; it also can be one of those things that has become one when there are no other words to express the expanse of hardships that race against you like the volcanic pyroclast after an eruption. If they were at all memorable or important I would list the myriad of other things that surround the various car situations mentioned above, but right now I can focus on nothing more than my family.

As a unit, we are still unbreakable in the most incredible circumstances. Thank god we have, if nothing else, enormous amounts of love and the continued ability to laugh as often as possible.

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