45 Minutes of Pride

After a Mary Kay make-over this morning, I felt just good enough to stop by the SC Pride Festival — forgetting, of course, just how big Finlay park is in relationship to my memory. After parking and walking to the park, I walked around the different vendor tables a few times. In under 30 minutes I had the usual (and easy to shrug off) waist-down numbness. This, coupled with noting how out-of-the-loop I was in the absence of company, had me walking the uphill trek back to my car in under an hour.

Doing so became a challenge; foot drop had me looking much tipsier than I’d like to.  I hoofed it at a steady pace but wondered a few times during the headlong exercise if I was going to make it; in addition to being numb my legs felt increasingly boneless and unsteady. There was precious little space not in direct sunlight, and at 90° I become more uncertain than mortal in just a few minutes. But I did it, and I made it. I had to spend several minutes sitting in my car waiting for the air conditioning to set me right, then I began the long drive back out to Batesburg. I would’ve loved to have seen more people — I’d have bet money that I knew at least 20 of the people in attendance. Instead, I will accept the little victories of going-and-getting-out-before-I-altogether-lost-the-ability-to-walk and remembering some of what used to be important to me.

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