Countdown to thirty

My final week of the tyrannical twenties began with joy, laughter and blessings. My BFF had sent me a package, waiting for me when I returned home. Days prior were spent holding my new niece and playing with her incredible older sister. My brothers (and my sisters) flanked me this week without even knowing they were helping make some (more) of my best memories.

Tonight, out of desperation and ironic hilarity, I am signing up to become an Avon representative. Two years trying to claw my way back into the workforce was great ‘n all, but Unemployment runs out. At least Avon will bring in some money while I wait the interminable length of time for our government to accept that there is no getting better, and I am no longer capable of 40+ hours a week of anything. My friends and family can afford Avon, and while I do not — will not — go for the “Oh, poor diseased me needs to sell this Avon or my baby won’t have diapers and I’ll go blind again.” I mean, they already know I ain’t got no baby, plus I generally only have highly intelligent friends. But today I am to make a list of everyone I do know to bring to my initial induction meeting, so any apologies in advance if that happens to go horribly awry.

Tomorrow morning, I get to pick up Chinese from the best take0out place in Lexington and head to spend time with a local dear friend and her (super cool) mom. Then on Thursday night, Cowboy and I will be heading to spend the night with my brother and fiancĂ© before I head Friday to my ultimate birthday destination. Friday through Sunday will be spent in Charlotte with my awesomesauce disabili-buddy and former porn-factory coworker. She will drop me off Saturday night (my 30th!) to see Lady Gaga live in concert. I’ll bring my bridesmaid’s dress for her to see and we will be girlie and maybe play WWE Raw on the playstation. I mean, you just can’t beat somebody who makes your rington “Poker Face” as sung by Eric Cartman.

Sunday, I will return to pick up my dog and set the new decade into motion. I will, like all of us, always be learning new and unfamiliar things. But this week? This week right heah? Belongs to me.

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