It’s been a Bon Voyage

So far, the daily 900mg of Gabapentin seems to be doing a good job — there are no noticeable side effects, and I could swear I’m not as dizzy as I usually am. Hard to tell, of course. I know I am, at the least, out of any possible psuedo-bation category. Where dizziness is concerned. The  recent slow increase in nighttime opsoclonus, however, is something I’m keeping an eye on (ha!).

I’ve spent the last few days in Charlotte with good friends, and am back today (and through the week) to accept my first Avon shipment, my Avon business cards, et al. I will be drawing up a business plan and whatnot — having a liberal arts degree does not really prepare you for selling Avon (well), but it sure as shit hasn’t helped me find many other jobs… can I make it as an Avon lady? Am I good enough to be able to support myself?

See, those are questions I’m not allowing myself to ask because doubt will impede progress. I have an Avon center set up in my room, samples coming in, and attended a conference with over 700 other Avon representatives. I am pumped with ideas! There are some really excellent deals and products coming out in time for Christmas.

First and foremost, however, you should know that if you read this blog you will also have an Avon lady:

Click here for Avon!

Click here for hassle-free Avon!



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