To Guinea Mikel

I got an Avon “Contact Me” email from my site — which are generally always scammers on their first shot of somewhere to which I will not permit further access — and they’ll come from someone named “Jenifer Smith” or “Tanya Jones.” Today’s was from  “Guinea Mikel.” How terrible a pseudonym is that?!

Well, my name should be Guinea because that’s funny like the pigs and also because I’m 4% Italian. Last names? Hm… Hahaha, I’ll use my real first name! But wait… I need to, like, add a letter or something so no one knows it’s my actual name. Oh, an “l!” Now it sounds Russian too! Awesome! Someone will totally be dumb enough to fall for this.

Dear Guinea Mikel,

You have terrible cognitive reasoning skills for someone whose goals obviously exceed their smarts. Please take as an incivility my responding via public blog instead of by allowing you to “Order Products” through me personally and not through the website which lets you order products.

Please up your game, Mr. Guinea Mikel. And have a blessed day.



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