Three falls OOTFB* yesterday have made me, more than anything, grateful that no one else was harmed in these ridiculous spectacles. I am also endlessly grateful to my brother and his fiance for the use — and for the assumed pre-consent of my being able to destroy anything — in/of their home. That, my friends, is some hardcore family.

My first falls weren”t injurious to anything but an aloe plant, for which I am grateful. My third fall could have been much, much worse but sustaining some bruised knuckles and a (broken? bruised? angry?) coccyx. The worst of this injury is just some aggravating, but not unbearable, literal pain in the ass.

And hey, at least I got a massage the morning of! 21 knots in my right forearm alone, yo! The MT told me that my muscles were unbelievably knotted all over, and a lot of that was probably do to my just not knowing how to properly move my body through the world. It was not phrased so specifically, of course, but it was the overall verdict of a vocally friendly MT.

“Oh, that feels so incredible!”

“Wow. You know some athletes I work on can’t handle that much weight [dug into the shoulders from a prone position with 185lbs of knuckle.].”

So, in summary, I find it hard to believe that I just had a massage, felt great, then later ate with my entire body an aloe plant, a baby carrier, and a glass top table.


*Out Of The Fucking Blue

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