Pre-frontal Fantastic!

R.I.P. Sable

Well, damn. After what feels like a century of not updating my free internet blog, I can start an entry no better than this photo. Yep, that’s my car. Well, what’s left of her.  So, yes, I get to experience pain unrelated to my stupid disease — not an enitrely new sensation, but certainly one not oft experienced.  I mean, let’s be honest: more brain injury is the last thing I need. Of course, right after everything happened I seemed chatty and fine. Comedic, even. Since then I have been irritable and easily angered. I really haven’t even been able to appreciate the myriad of good things going on right now in my world.  In fact, let’s focus on those.
I have two incredible nieces — one just turned six years old, the other seven months. I fiercly love them every day. A lot of pressing issues have been resolved in the recent past weeks, although nothing that includes an income or health insurance. I’ve met someone and am going to NYC next week for a visit.
 I think I’m okay as a general rule, only because I have found where my “okay” baseline is. Since the accident, I have been in a metric shit-ton of pain and I haven’t felt the same in my conscious mind since.
I mean, I can already look back at photos like this one and KNOW I was WAY more pleasant and chatty than normal. WTF, y’all? Why am I now so explosively angry, and afraid of people? Why can’t I grasp simple thoughts like, “Oh boy! I get to buy a new computer next week!” I feel like I got dumber and angrier since this wreck, despite preliminary photos documenting overly chatty Kathy. WTF, indeed.
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