So the girl famed for her lack of sensation feels pain. A goodly damn amount of it. I have lumbar and cervical MRIs scheduled for tomorrow… which begs the question, “THORACIC is also part of the back, right?”The Human Spine I’m glad to be getting good views of most of my back tomorrow, anyhow — I just couldn’t go through telling the flight staff last week to have an ambulance waiting for us upon landing on the short flight home from New York. Instead, I went down to the luggage carousel, grabbed my bags and waited for my ride.

From there, I went right to the ER. It looked luckily empty, but never could I have anticipated the length of time I would stay unattended and in pain while there. See, my MS affects my blood pressure. I have had labile hypertension for years, but now it it notoriously good. Which is usually always going to be a boon, right?

Going into an ER with complaints of “back pain” with a normal BP gets you shuffled into the “drug seeker” category. I wasn’t just there to get a fix, but my vitals belied the exquisite pain and waves of nausea I truly had.

I was sat in a room where I could not turn to reach the call bell; I watched  closed-captioned Lifetime movies, spit into a vomit bucket and cried. It was the first time I wept after the accident, but I tried my best not to make a dramatic scene and further my low standing on the “we’ll get to her whenever we can” list. Ultimately, I was given steroids, not enough pain medication, and a couple of  shots in the bottom.

I am waiting as patiently as I can. 8am in the redundant morning.

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