A Diamond in My Rough

Not me.

Well, not that the news is neither exciting nor important enough to create a hubub, but now I’m so interested in knowing where on my c-spine this unbeknownst little lice is located, because what did it accomplish?

Because what all can be affected my c-spine lesions?


  • blood supply to the head
  • pituitary gland, scalp, bones of the face
  • inner and middle ear
  • sympathetic nervous system


  • eyes, optic nerves
  • auditory nerves
  • sinuses
  • mastoid bones
  • tongue
  • forehead
  • heart


  • cheeks
  • outer ear
  • face, bones, teeth
  • trigeminal nerve
  • lungs


  • nose, lips, mouth,
  • Eustachian tube
  • mucus membranes
  • lungs


  • vocal cords
  • neck glands
  • pharynx


  • neck muscles
  • shoulders
  • tonsils


  • thyroid gland
  • bursa in the shoulders
  • elbows, ulnar nerve

My best? Just putting this out there: somewhere in C1-C3. Should I start an office pool?

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