I can prove I’m not crazy!

No one has ever been so thrilled to be told something’s wrong with their spine.

In the months since that accident, I have had two x-rays and four MRIsEveryone shrugged their shoulders. I was still in pain.

I saw a chiropractor for the first time after a life of

believing it was some-such voodoo trickery. No. To the right is a clickable link to their Facebook page, which has URLs. I am a believer.

I was scared to go to. What if it made whatever was wrong worse? Now  I am delighted that I did. Not only do they listen to the things I tell them, they help me proactively deal with my pain. And then give me a back massage. Like Mr. Sheen, I feel that I am totally #WINNING! in this discovery. [Yes, allcaps and erry’thing.]

I found out today that my x-rays show my entire spine at an unnatural angle. Yeah, it’s still straight like a spine should be. All the way from stem to stern. Normal spines, however, are supposed to be at a 90° angle from stem to aforementioned stern. Mine (from stem to stern, now) is an 87-88° angle. Not desirable, and the cause of significant pain because of that defect. Over the next six weeks, adjustments should realign my spine, thus relieving both the deformity and my discomfort.

I am currently laying in bed typing with ice on my back (as recommended), listening to the beginnings of a thunderstorm, considering where to begin cleaning this room and, most importantly, happy. Solutions to these kinds of problems have been hard to come by my entire life; this feels like a lotto win.

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