It has been days now of not really being able to get out of bed much. When you consider that I am by nature a Type A then it is all the worse to know exactly how many things around me need to be done. I want to whip things into shape, then make a nice dinner. If I had an apron, I’d at least put it on to greet my partner at the door. If either of us drank, I’d have a martini on one hand.  I mean, I do enjoy house-wifery to the max — Samantha Stevens I am not, but that’s only because I can’t accomplish things by wiggling my nose.

If only, right? Because I can still work that part of my body from bed.

MS fatigue can be divided into four catagories: 

• normal fatigue 
This occurs whether or not MS is present. Not all fatigue is due to MS. 

• neuromuscular fatigue 
This is caused by inefficient nerve conduction. Respite periods are the solution to this short-circuiting fatigue. 

Depression in MS is common and is often accompanied by poor sleep, poor appetite, depressed mood and fatigue. 

This is an overwhelming tiredness that comes on for no obvious reason. Because psychotropic drugs are helpful in fatigue, it is thought that lassitude may be due to a biochemical imbalance in the brain.

…I hate having a more “superawersome” form of this than is imaginable by those I love, because I feel perilously close to falling off the “Lazy” cliff and getting stuck with that label. I am not lazy.

I am, however, an American with no income or health care who has run out of unemployment checks. So as I cannot contribute financially to my living situation, I could at least keep the house tidy and cook dinner. Or I could just stay in bed all day and watch the same 5 seasons of 30 Rock again on Netflix.

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