The Little Path that Could


I choose this bridge

One of my favorite “I’m Independently Wealthy” dreams is (and has been since about 2003) to own a graphic design/branding/visual identity firm that caters only to community organizations. I’ve been volunteering with various organizations and causes since high school (that statement makes around twenty years happen, but we don’t need to be exact here) and I want to see important causes/functions flourish. Community organizations are fundamentally engineered to help people, not to look good; it is unfortunate that we live in a culture that prizes production values above actual reputation. The terrible Catch-22 is that looking “wealthier” makes your business or organization more trustworthy and more likely to grow. I want to see groups helping victims of domestic violence looking as snazzy as Toyota® or Pizza Hut®.

Right now I cannot claim anywhere near that wonderland goal of having community organizations overrun corporate fundamentalists and change the world to flowers-and-bunnies goodness. I can claim, however, that I am increasing my portfolio by a great (for me) extent right now… and a large part of that extent is pro bono work for different community organizations.


…over this one.

Even a modicum of success is terrifying. It can be for anybody. Here is the rickety wood bridge one steps across with confidence lest plummet into the pit of self doubt and snapping alligators below.  I’m noticing that if you can just make yourself believe the bridge is good looking then passage is lot easier to the Happily Ever After side of things (where more bridges probably await, so again — it is in your best interest to find them entrancingly gorgeous).

GRATITUDE ADJUSTMENT: “I Can Be Proud of Myself; Can You?” edition

  • I am grateful for the amazing opportunities that keep happening for a career I thought had been lost to me because of, I don’t know, not really being able to read good no more.
  • I am grateful that some of the aforementioned amazing opportunities happened because of me.
  • I am grateful that my vision still shows as 20/25 even though actual words can be difficult.
  • I am grateful for a working laptop, and for the software I need to run on it.
  • I am grateful that I have a wife and a family who support me living a good life on my own terms.
  • I am grateful that the most recent branding job I did for myself has continued getting praise… this means I did me right!
  • I am grateful that I have been well enough lately to do as much as I have, not only with design but the rest of everything.
  • I am grateful to have work to be doing right now, either here on bed or down in the kitchen.

Really. I just did this whole “ZOMG LOOKIT ME!” thing. You can too — is your bridge still rickety?

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