Dusting Hands for Dumplings

retro wifeYesterday: I spent a long morning-to-afternoon in the kitchen (12-4/ish). I made sure to eat before adventures therein started and was fine enough after breakfast to engage in vigorous cooking/cleaning/work for a coupl’a hours. I showered as a reward for the various bounties I had produced while simultaneously, inwardly berating myself for the list of things I had not yet gotten accomplished today. The mind can always make that list deeper than my accomplished task list can be steep.


from Medical Waste series

I showered then sat and ate lunch. Within a minute or two of finishing eating, my feet instantly shaded ice. I began to feel fatigue wave over and, with it, an unusually aggressive somnolence. I fought it with little activities, then television, then I fell into a sleep so deep that my wife’s return from rehearsal went completely unnoticed; we’ve got excitable dogs and I’m usually an easy wake.

Some of my worst fears right now (they’ll always be changing and cycling like a personal TMZ) involve having to switch back to injections now that I’m three weeks deep into Gilena. Maybe the side effects of this will prove to be dangerous (labile hypertension and eyeball seizures didn’t keep me from getting the Rx so I should maybe calm down).

 Gratitude Adjustment: “Shake it off, you sad sack!” edition

  • I am grateful to be able to remind myself that it isn’t at all unusual to experience new side effects with new medication. I think they just took me by surprise after seemingly nothing  loomed. I am mindful of the new and know my body well enough when to say “no to the new.”
  • Though fine with it for a long while, I am grateful every day for not having to mix and administer injections.
  • I am grateful that though having a little scary-terrible (scarible? no.) afternoon still I woke up today and got a fair amount done.
  • I am grateful for some new recipes for Rags to Dishes… but where cooking(ish) sites are concerned, spoilers are euphemistically bad!
  • dumplingsI am grateful for having all of my medications, and even more or knowing I will get them for the next several months without worry.
  • I am grateful for a rice cooker. All I will have to do is go back downstairs in 10 minutes and steam some dumplings for an easy dinner.
  • I am grateful to have awesome clients/work to do right now.

Annnnnnd I bet that rice is done now. Dinner, then night working.

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