Saturday’s First Five

Sometimes I feel like I might give myself more credit at the end of each day if I had a list of what I had accomplished. Today I did that and made a boring blog post to boot!


8:59am – Down the stairs carefully with laptop and “upstairs/downstairs” shoulder bag of stuff.

9:57AM- Dishwasher empty, some clean and the newly batter-dirty set in hot soapy water. Cinnamon-walnut sweet potato bread in oven with timer set. Sitting with an apple and coffee.

10:10am – Client work at kitchen table

10:38am – Back up to clear sink of recyclables and start picking the carcass out of my stock.

11:06am – Bread out of the oven, dishes cleaned and ricotta cheese spread across a baking sheet in hopes of making redneck paneer. Finished sitting and eating a proper lunch (rare!).

11:26am – Now, sink, where were we?

12:32pm – Recyclables cleaned/de-labeled/etc. Halfway into cooking process. Dealing with 2lbs of fresh turnips and 1lb of baby spinach/arugula mix. There is a lot of blanching. I should sit for a minute while the next pot of water comes to a boil and let the late dose of Neurontin get to sta-ball-izing the eyes.

12:57pm – Saag paneer from scratch is complete! Bread is cool on the counter and chicken bones need more time to boil. Now to clean my mess, set up tomorrow morning’s coffee pots and re-fill the dishwasher. Then a shower awaits in reward of such industry! So far I have been awake for over five hours, upright and moving through four, ate a “proper” meal and have so far not experienced a breakdown of my motor skills, lucidity or a bout with fatigue.

1:12pm – Okay. Keep sitting for another minute. Decide whether to move everything back upstairs before or after shower.

1:45pm – Upstairs, but still dirty. Mild-moderate fatigue keeping me largely motionless, but this is still a victory: I’ve gotten a lot done already today and the fatigue isn’t paralytic. Within the next fifteen minutes I plan on being in said shower… Knowing that I am not at my motor-skilliest, I will navigate the stairs very carefully. My reward will be a steady hot stream of water and plenty of soap.

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