Turn That Waaahmbulance Into the Batmobile.

I feel terrible this morning. The last two nights have been pitiful on sleep — I fall asleep on my own at a decent hour (I know when I’m about to shut down into “sleep” mode because I stop being able to look at anything in a non-cross-eyed fashion). Last night (much like the night before) I fell asleep, woke up in three hours, up to use the bathroom, back asleep… for half- to a full hour. Back up to use the bathroom. Awake for 2-3 hours. Bathroom use is hourly at its most sedate. 15 minute nap bursts for the next two hours, up to use the bathroom then laying awake until getting up is the only reasonable option. Yesterday was a busy day away from the computer and all over town. Today will be a busy day both on the computer and all over town. Best difference will be that I’ll get to see my family at the end of this romper room.

tumblr_mj5rovVg411rtsxxvo1_400I can do it. I am a rockstar.

Specifically, a rockstar who needs a hot shower.

Then one who starts working, meeting clients and seeing family. Because even rockstars can have fantastic families.

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