What I’m willing to bet money on at this point are the side effects of Gilenya. To be fair, I haven’t had anything new and noticeable going on for much of the first month. In month two, I am sleepier than what I know is usual for me. Sleepier than I have much memory of ever being able to commit while remaining conscious.

The internet suggests I am right, and I will have to find a way to let my neurologist know… in the meantime from bed, I have been able to take stock of what we’re going to eat tonight that uses minimal effort. I need to make it down the stairs to cook the dog’s weekly batch of food; I made it down once to shower since that usually perks a gal up. I am the most opposite of perked.

Still, do I lay down knowing that my heart rate is low (without knowing how low… I can’t feel my pulse with two fingers on the wrist but I can make a blog entry, so I’m erring on the side of YOU CAN WRITE IN YOUR BLOG) or do I do the opposite of that? Do I get up and go for a run? Certainly no driving again today. Maybe even staying away from cutlery and frying pans.

Next, I’ll be scouring the internet to discern whether this sleepiness will resolve in a month or two. Oh please let that be true. Even if it isn’t, this is still 100x better than the injections. My intent here is not to be a complete whine-o… although one should take care when expressing to a wife via text message that you can’t feel your pulse. It’s okay, honey, I can still operate a smartphone so I’m pretty sure the heart’s still operating me.

I’m skipping tomorrow’s dose and switching to taking this in the evening.

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