mandala_033_gratitude_12x12_oLast night I only woke twice to use the bathroom and slept deep in between. Awoke for “realz” at 4:45am. After laying in bed for a while watching Maddow clips with the wife, she left for work and I began my piddling. A little work on the computer, a little work upstairs, a little work downstairs and then even some work sweeping the stairs. Truly I prefer carpetless living, but the inevitable downside to seeing all of the stuff that you’d be breathing from years of walking on the same rug… is sweeping. I am terrible at sweeping. Floor care in general. I claim it. I am bad at that.

Now for more housework. Trash day is tomorrow and the clean laundry needs to be hung. It is 1pm and I am not yet down with what I’m now going to refer to as my “afternoon spell.” This blog provides a lovely break, but it is time to get back to doing everything before the spoons run out.

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