Dose Switch: Day 2

I can always count on Cowboy to increase my immunity by way of snuggling (science!).

Cowboy knows that science has proven the medical benefits of snuggling.

09:46am: So a good night’s sleep will not be guaranteed by inadvertent medicated sleepines. In all fairness, I did get sleep from 10pm-12:30am/1am-2am/4:30-6am/6-7am. While that’s essentially 6 hours, Gilenya’s sleepiness seems to still be running its course. I’ve gotten out of bed to go downstairs to feed the dogs and make coffee. In the mornings now I make 4 shots of espresso and dump them into a 4-cup pot of auto drip; I am waiting for caffeine’s sweet forehead kiss.

I am going to make myself get up and shower. As shitdog as I feel right now, this is still only about 25% as bad as the injections. Silver linings.

I still want to get up, clean the kitchen and make dinner. Ooh, and sweet potato bread (a loaf of breakfast bread whose whole wheat/oatmeal batter has been stuffed with flax and nuts is an excellent lazy way to ensure that that first meal of the day can at least feign an appearance).


The unhealthiest loaf I’ve made was also the moist delicious (yeah, that was an on-purpose typo). Click the pic for a recipe.

11:03am: Showered and hate to be proud that I did it. The dishwasher is started and sweet potato bread ingredients are set out. Instead of quickly roasting the raw peanuts and throwing it all together and into the oven for an hour (done this a lot) it was noted that already-available meal items in the cupboard and freezer looked plenty tasty. It feels like my corporeal self is waking up. Slowly. Like if you videotaped the moments between alarm clock and coffee then replayed it on slow-mo. At this point I am predicting another day where I am only truly awake an hour before bed.

Ok. Now that I’ve masterfully played the world’s tiniest violin for myself maybe it’ll be time to go back downstairs and bake some bread.

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