base·line /ˈbāsˌlīn/ n. – A minimum or starting point used for comparisons.


To be clear, I am not a fan of the show LOST. Other than this guy because of this one line.

Yesterday was wonderful because I got to spend almost all of it at Baseline. For me that still means a constant transformative dizziness; my “normal” makes the world around me a carnival ride I’ll never again leave. But at Baseline I know how to live in it and I want to live well, damnit.

3/18/13 – What I got done:

  • A sink full of cans and bottles was rinsed/readied to be put in the recycling bin
  • Kitchen tidied/swept
  • Crock pot of chili made with fresh sweet peppers
  • Garbage changed and garbage can taken to curb
  • Dishwasher un/re-loaded and running
  • Three different coffee pots set up for the morning
  • Dogs fed/Sick dog nursed
  • Rice made
  • Foyer (below stairs where it’s hard to reach) swept
  • Living room dusted
  • Clean couch cover replaced from wash
  • Bathroom swept/counter clean
  • Towels washed

The best kind of eye pillow.

…There was a terrible thunderstorm and within 30m of the power going out, I was asleep (re: Gilenya). This was probably shortly before 10pm. I woke up from 3:20-4:45am to reset the computer.

All of the electronic clocks remain forthcoming at noon at 3/19/2013. Today Cowboy sees the vet because Benadryl and buffered aspirin have helped as much as they want to and I am not actually a vet (surprise!). I am scared for his well being far more than I am scared for my own right now. Besides, I think I’m close enough to baseline that I should be doing something other than sitting beside him. Although all I really want to do is hold him, it won’t dress me for leaving the house.

So far today I’ve made two doctors appointments for myself and worked briefly with clients. Thank goodness I’ve got these set — last night during my awakefog, I scrawled the word “ANXIETY” in blue pen over the earlier-scrawled Sharpie reminder “CALL DOCTOR.” I remember writing the first word to remind me of a presenting symptom that now might take precedence over the Gilenya side effects. I mean, I expect some palpitations and this sleepiness is ok at night (as long as it continues to ebb) but the anxiety is a multiple-times-daily thing and it affects everyone around me. Right now that’s mostly just my incredible, talented, smart and beautiful wife (you reading this honey? ;-).

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