• a little client work
  • I'll try to have more crossed off before I shower and call it quits.

    The day ain’t over.

    add almond milk to leftovers for lunch, put other leftovers in oven for dinner.

  • collect all DVDs in upstairs bedroom; move them back to the living room. Note that they need further organization but remind yourself not to be a superhero: there is other stuff that needs worse doings.
  • put away and wash all dishes
  • bring superglue downstairs to move to car to fix interior driver’s side visor which for some reason came off in my hand the other day when I went to open it. Along with the volume of my voice, my random acts of Hulk-strength remain uncontrollable.
  • also use superglue to fix framed picture of Cowboy
  • rearrange framed photos on living room credenza with new addition
  • sweep living room
  • cooked some chana dal for upcoming cookings
  • run all the dirty towels through the washer
  • near-archaeological dig(-n-sort) through laundry basket that sits in the bedroom as the happy catch-all. Breaking news: it’s chock full of umatched socks!
  • daily 10+ reps to make sure the bedroom dumbells aren’t just mean decorations
  • interpretive modern dace for wife in pajamas for almost all of this song.
  • move clean laundry back upstairs. put it away/hang it up

fruit-flies…I’ll still be feeding the dogs and setting up the coffee pots (one for coffee, one for tea). I need to check the paint cans in the loft to make sure that they, unlike my smaller plastic pitchers storing their wares in the studio, have not molded. I have blank canvases which constantly remind that my only possible failure as an artist is not to do something with them.

I am happy that today has been near baseline and grateful to have gotten done as much as I did. Dizziness and eyeball seizing remain at a moderate minimum and for the first time in a while there was no fatigue blast-crash. Now it’s only quarter after 5 and it’s not getting dark for a good minute. I can do more. It’s not over until I shower (but once I shower it is so very over).

No, I’ll probably clean my nightstand after I shower. Fingers crossed.

—————————————-EDIT: 7:27PM—————————————–

  • coffee pots
  • dogs fed
  • nightstand clean
  • showered
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