By a hospital to boot.

905290_10151360062368038_181704590_oDear W.O. Blackstone and Company,

Yesterday I was parked in a temporary parking spot in front of the downtown YMCA. I would have been parked in a handicapped space were one available. Fortunately the car in the handicapped spot in front of me began pulling out. Before I could pull up, however, a truck swerved out of traffic and just over the curb onto the sidewalk in an effort to claim the coveted downtown handicapped spot.

In his defense he straightened the truck out, but it didn’t take long to notice the obvious lack of handicapped decal or placard. The truck idled for about 6-10 minutes then a man got out and hopped easily into the truck bed to seek out a traffic cone. He set it by his left rear wheel and stared at me as he walked past: I am choosing to believe the sun was in his face and that he wasn’t deliberately giving me the stink-eye. To boot, I didn’t see the meter get paid and I didn’t see him reemerge before I left.

I am attaching a photo of the offending truck (with license). Please let this gentleman know that no matter how much a hurry he may be in, it pales in comparison to someone with trouble walking — I have multiple sclerosis and often rely on a crutch, so please understand why I am offended by such a “minor” traffic incident.

Thank you for your mindfulness in this matter,
Katherine [last name redacted]

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