Celebrating Abilities

CelebratingAbilitiesPoster_smallJPGLast night was the gala for which I’ve been working on the graphics end since January. We dressed to the nines (well, to the businessy nines) and arrived at downtown’s premier rooftop for an evening of music and art. Silent auctions ranged over hundreds of square feet and the live auction began shortly into the evening. At the live auction a framed copy of my event poster sold for $110… and for that I could not have been more excited or proud; even if in a circuitous way I got to give something back to an organization that helps disabled people.

IMAG0317smWorking with/for this organization and event is an enormous source of pride. I also put together the program for the night — with the lucky reward of a 1/2 page ad for myself inside. How fortunate am I to have been given this opportunity?

In a nearly complete non-sequitur, all of my shoes are now at least one full size too big. I am reminded because last night was in heels, in public. In heels that were a size too big, in public with a glass of wine, plate of fancy hors d’oevuers, and a program. Bull in a China Shop Syndrome was kept to a minimum (I only dropped one plate of food upside down on the floor, I only spilled a little wine on myself twice). This is all just information, not specific complaint: I know my limitations and more often than not find humor in them.

Besides, I just had a really wonderful night.

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