Down for the… Wait, Who’s Counting?

HPOIdtKOverheated on the morning dogwalk, then a body temperature of 95.1° by noon. I do not understand myself.

My spirits have apparently been higher than called for the last day or so. 99.3° is low grade, but significant to my functionality. Because I feel it is an unacceptable situation (and probably no more than a little head cold), reality should simply bend to my stern will. Right? I went out and ran errands yesterday in the busiest parts of town then came home annihilated (but with Mexican for dinner!).

Today I woke up feeling great and was all in for a walk at the park. The sun was beating a little more intensely than suggested it would be, and the 50′ or so back to the car became tough quickly. Footdrop was no stranger.

After a short while at home, 95.1° was a surprise, although it explained the shivering. Over the course of the afternoon, it  steadily rose back to where it sits now (99.0°) and I have done about all I can do today. This is a miserable sinusplosion of poor overall thermoregulation. No, I will not say that five times fast.

422045_545392772170091_180482001_nBut, hey. I did get to go to the park this morning. I did have lunch brought to me. Cowboy’s been at my side all day. I don’t have any obligations that would necessitate leaving the house. I still washed the dishes, transplanted some indoor ivy, called my mom, cooked a cabbage, fed the dogs and took a shower. On a crappier than normal day, I’ll pat myself on the back for this little list.


    • craftycathysue
    • May 9th, 2013

    A pat on the back from me too – another Cathy with MS 🙂

  1. Hope you are feeling better, cooler soon.

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