Day 9 and No Time to Whine

So here I sit, feeling marginally better on the ninth day of these physiological shenanigans, wondering what I can get accomplished today without rendering myself useless and 426428_441398552611941_634247323_nbed-bound because of it. I need to cook, sweep, fold laundry and maybe re-brand myself completely using this site as a platform to my other sites/blogs. Because who can stop at only one blog, amirite? I need badly to rebuild my art portfolio site and I need to network in the food blog and my business site. Simultaneously I wonder when branding things became a fun pastime and if it makes me weird, sad or both. For the sake of my own perpetuity I’m going to happily go with “weird.”

Now is the part of my morning when, after having been awake for about three hours, I have the first crash. Do I decide to power through or take a rest… from sitting upright, which is apparently no longer my best option. I’ve had enough coffee now to warrant my mind’s endless pacing but it sure would be nice if that pacing could deliver its obviously-there self to my legmeats.

I will cook dunch* today, I will fold the laundry and sweep. I would like to work on some art. I need to get a letter in the mail and also to remind myself that there is enough time in the day, and that it’s okay to take pause to be grateful for all of the things I do have instead of lamenting what I feel is in error about my circumstances.

So first I will grumble about resting, then I will rest.




*late lunch/early dinner

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