No hipster fun here!


Stairs ARE kind of a horrible bitch in the dark, amirite?

I am going to bring this one for the youth-cane market.

Really, this is the cane I just ordered off Amazon.

I really went ahead and decided on my own to purchase an assistive device.

This is a little sore to the pride since I was able to give up the forearm crutch a couple of years ago after good chiropractic care, dietary changes and weight loss changed the picture. The picture changed enough that I firmly believed I was moving a little bit backwards in my disease progression. On my last visit to the Neurologist, my nurse (she’s the best) asked me where my crutch was. “In the car,” I replied with a shrug that gifted me the knowing glance I see from those who know me better than I know myself.

So I thumbed through internet pages of options. Adjustable? Absolutely… I’m new to canes, and the height is sure to be one of my fussy points of contention. A comfortable handle — no old fashioned walking sticks for ironic hipster fun. It needed to be a solid color that went with everything… black usually fits the bill right away, but it’s almost summer and black might clash with my wardrobe. Ok, but remember that poor night vision thing? Boom. A black cane with a clear bottom half that lights up when you need light. I already have dreams of changing the light bulb color.

Giving it a go. Right after I Google “How to properly walk with a cane” so I don’t end up being naturally festive with it.

  1. I LOVE it! I have used canes for years. Even have a custom painted quad cane. I am currently using forearm crutches that my mother will paint a design on soon.
    I just think that cane is great! My leg weakness varies and if a cane becomes an option again, I am definately going to look into this one.

    • I would love to see photos sometime of your custom crutches! I am trying to pump myself up to be excited about all the creative options this cane comes with… strobe lights might be a bit far a reach, but I’m sure I can awesome it up! 🙂

      • I will definately post my crutches when they get painted.
        The strobe light made me laugh! Imagine a black light for parties.

    • Trisha
    • May 20th, 2013

    How cool! I love the idea of changing the lightbulb color! For some reason, black light is the first place my mind goes 🙂

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