¡Eye Carumba!

Cowboy's gap-tooth smile

Cowboy’s gap-tooth smile

I had my eyes checked again today. I’ve been waking up with less ability to skim even short paragraphs and everything’s a little — just a little — less clear. I generally take pride in my 20/25 vision despite the splotches across it and jerking around of the eyeballs. I can see to type and play inside Photoshop, I just have trouble with actual reading.

These blog posts are usually very poorly proofread.

I have been noticing a change for days, but whether through moxie or denial haven’t really given it much issue. Unless I am in a bad enough way to need an ER, I wait a few days when I notice new things happening. After all it genuinely could be a pseudo- or not an- exacerbation at all. So far, I had felt the Gilenya side effect I’d most loathed was dissipating well. I wasn’t falling asleep against my will as much so therefore I dusted my hands and had some good times.

cat_dock copy

My wife is a yogi!

Then I got sick for a couple weeks. I’m only guessing at Rhinovirus, since I have neither health coverage nor income disposable enough for errant head colds that result in days of anosmia. I have enough medical knowledge to deal with the ancillary characters of human physiology. My eyes are not television cameo stars, however, and any change in my sight is prone to trigger anxiety.

Then there is a lucky balance of being so very, very blessed to have been born to the parents I was to counter that red flag: I was able to see a doctor today. It’s unclear if there’s edema (hence the referral), but I did learn about the limited color blindness and two astigmatisms I knew I had and also that No it’s not normal to see flashing colors, that’s a white light, blah, blah, blah…

"Double Down Dog"

This weekend she got me into a “Double Down Dog”

That doctor subsequently referred me to a neuro-opthamologist when I appeared rife with neurological abnormalities; he was a super guy, though, and I’ve got no complaints with his care. What is troublesome is that getting a referral increased my bill 125% — yes, it cost one hundred and twenty-five percent more to invoke the name of another physician in their network. I do not know who they are and they haven’t called yet, but they must be at least $100 of… something. I still need to know for certain why this blurriness is.

394926_408510739234056_450217506_nOn the bright side, if something is wrong I acted in an appropriately timely manner to address an issue if one becomes my happenstance. I have parents and a wife who love me a lot. I’ve got a ready list in my head of just as many things — even, and sometimes especially, little things — that bring me joy. Throughout this post are pictures of just some of the things that are making me happy right now.

Take that, wayward feelings of impending doom.

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