Neuro-Opthamology: The X-Files of the Eyes

081223eyechartIt’s neither edema nor optic neuritis, although I show signs of having had the latter. I couldn’t read the lower lines of the eye chart (first time!) or properly follow movement in my periphery. Cat said the numbers 20/40 (from 20/25) were written down by the nurse during my exam; different drops were administered and many lights were shone. I am relieved that nothing terrible seems to be going on, but it is relief tempered by the whole but my vision is still suddenly bad! thing.

Granted (I tell myself) my sense of smell only came back a couple of days ago from that cold-or-whatever. It’s not totally implausible that my vision be affected similarly, or it could be “just one of those crazy things” MS hands out. I appreciated that my physician used that term — it shows a more thorough knowledge of MS to know unapologetically when you can’t know all of the answers.


That’s not to say this isn’t endlessly frustrating, and not to mention my browser is staying at 150-200% depending on the site. It’s easy to want to get lost in a blanket-wrapped cocoon of italics that say omigdmyvisionthisisscaryomigod, et al. I still have no answers other than the above for why text moves when I try to read it or why my eyeballs seize and why there are places missing.

Take a breath, me. Choose the battles you want to let your anxiety fight for you. In fact, make a picture for the internet that says exactly that.


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