Take a Deep Breath

Nothing, not even securing a lawyer for it, keeps you from the mountains of paperwork SSDI requires. I’m into my third year of waiting, now for the final “go before a judge” part of the appeals process. All of my personal information belongs to others but today I am filling out paperwork easy enough for a paralegal to handle. Not that I get salary pay for this day of work, nor even a guarantee of being considered “disabled” by the state.


7 more pages are scanned and ready to mail. I don’t need to worry about getting this done because, well, now it is. I can redirect the stress of this back to being stress about bills and the flat tire we got yesterday; turns out I don’t really have the energy for even that, so

  • a silver lining?

Despite… of perhaps because of the both literal and figurative storm clouds, there are plenty of silver linings worth identifying:

  • My parents were able to help us out with money and groceries this week
  • I therefore have not had to cook,
  • But I am marinating a nice pork roast tomorrow!
  • I have finished these damn forms.
  • The lawn was mowed today
  • Sadie (one of our dogs) has recovered from a gnarly lip infection
  • Walking with a cane is so much more helpful than it is a blight on my pride
  • Coffee/tea pots set up for the morning
  • Dishes washed
  • Showered and in pajamas

So there, mountain of paperwork. I’ve got more today for which to be grateful than you’ve got number of pages!

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