The Two-Step: A Peculiar Vignette

122708_fsmAround 3am last night I woke, rolled upright out of bed, turned to the right twice to go into the bathroom and another step: I suddenly feel no right foot as simultaneously there is an unnatural smash into the tile. It was waves of searing middle-of-the-night befuddlement but I was only four more steps from the toilet so I took another step. Left foot, normal; my right foot felt missing and my ankle on fire, so I grabbed the nearest wall and hopped to the porcelain throne. I must have “hollered” to wake wife and pets alike. It was something I had no other way of explaining than to say, groggy, that my foot hadn’t simply gone numb it was abruptly not there. Convening assembly on the commode I saw my foot was there, so I took ibuprofen and went back to bed. Today the injuries reflect the direction in which my foot must’ve suffered blows. I never know when something like this happens if I’m supposed to alert a physician. I’m betting I might want to, since punching one’s foot into the floor with strength enough to (maybe) break something is an issue.

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