Batman and Juliet

1005274_10151472390923202_428425117_nWe finally got our bed into the downstairs bedroom. This feels like the proper beginning of our GET OUT OF THAT TWO-STORY HOUSE journey, which before has felt only like the twinkle in my eye that for some women results in an infant. I am cheerful with knowing this twinkle merely reflects only the penultimate attraction to a reasonably comfortable existence. Stairs aside, it is hotter on the second floor in summer and, where electricity is concerned, the bills are already too damn high.

Did I just say “stairs aside?” That’s because they are no longer the boss of me in my own home.

Sure upstairs still exists. Sure I’ll probably still need to get up there at least once a day while this transition continues but my bed is just a few flat steps to the kitchen now… the oven timer no longer has to be a harbinger of doom, but rather again becomes a handy pat on the back to signal hot deliciousness. RJBalconyScenebbWhen my wife gets home from work today I neither have to wave from the second-story banister nor begin a careful spelunker’s step down to kiss her hello. All of our pets are probably old enough to appreciate the removal of a staircase from their respective pilgrimages to the dinner bowls (Cowboy is still gimping around from last week’s extempore descent to the floor).

Waking up tomorrow on the same story as puts me on the same page as one might read in a necessary daily life. Getting coffee shortly after waking will be the first hassle erased… and when you improve the process of caffeine acquisition it improves the whole day. That’ll be my story to stick to.

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