Are Stars Finally Aligning?

1045200_10201636994193737_649795386_nI have a court date for SSDI, finally. At the end of 2013 I will know whether or not I have to continue this three-year struggle all over again. I’m going to remain positive about this — I have no falsities to throw into my mix; life is getting harder and I cannot afford the Rx costs, let alone all of the other extraneous expenses tied along to a progressive, incurable condition. Hell, the utility bills are killing us because I cannot function with the house hotter than 74°.

But enough with the garbled emotional reaction to a potentially life-saving outcome; let’s start over: I have a court date, finally. There is a conceivable end to the purgatory one’s left in while unable to work and waiting for help. I will soon be able to afford to go to different doctors for all of the various problems my human body encompasses. I will soon be able to take a prescription from a doctor’s hand and know it can be filled.

More than anything, I want to have a life that doesn’t rely on the constant financial assistance of people I love, who love me. This is a court date that can — I believe it will — end happily with so many people ultimately being relieved.

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