Technically, the Glass is Completely Full

555260_617471741620203_613358053_nThere are so many strange, concurrent things happening with my body that I now have a hard time knowing what to put at the top of any potential physiological priority list. Different individual symptoms are worse at different times, so that list has to be in constant flux. Whereas my mind and its memory once fancied itself a thick Rolodex of well-sorted information, there are now tons of pages shifted and missing. Somewhere along the line I must’ve started tossing some of them out a moving vehicle’s window.

Lists, and the making of them, helps… but only so much. I’ll often forget entirely that I even made a list. Writing important things directly on my hand would mostly end up resulting in a hilarious fist-to-face drool transfer while sleeping. See in a perfect world, all I’d have to do is the micromanaging. I’m good at that kind of Type-A pursuit.

600259_482967751792914_2051794969_nI could make a ravishing and thorough list right now of everylittlething for which I assign MS blame; truthfully I could probably make a list of everylittlething for which logic and science suggests are not MS-related too… but that list would pale in medical-interest comparison much the way an opening band isn’t who you bought tickets to see regardless of any critical acclaim or that one video they’ve got on MTV.

But instead of compiling either of those lists, which could very well end in a need to dial 9-Waaah-Waaah for the closest Waaahmbulance, I might simply be better off with a simple Gratitude Adjustment:

  • I am grateful for my wife.
  • I am grateful, too, for all of my existing family.
  • I am grateful that LouLou didn’t get much pee inside the hole in that plastic bag where all of Cowboy’s clothes are stored.
  • 376_33727333037_4700_nI am grateful for Cowboy even when he has to go nekkid (which, truth be told, is most of the time except for impressing company)
  • I am grateful for the medications which make my life at least nominally better.
  • I am grateful for the USPS, making sending letters to doctors you can’t afford to see accessible via post.
  • I am grateful for vegetables!
  • I am grateful for yoga, which can help me both move and sleep better.
  • I am grateful that we’ve moved bedrooms down that pesky flight of stairs.
  • I am grateful for the internet. When it is too hot and bright to go out the front door or if I am too fatigued to move from a mattress, you are always here for me. Thank you, internet.
  1. I hear you about the lists!! I am also grateful for air conditioning. I have not yet found my cell phone, and I am hoping when the alarm goes off to do my shot, my partner is around or else I might not hear it 🙂

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