When Brain Fog Makes Dinner

toothpastefordinner.comWhen I feel tired and fogged into a zombie-like haze, I can barely remember my own email password. I cannot conduct successful critical thinking. There will be some sitting, then that little avocado pit of self left inside me will begin to bounce around and insist upon movement. If I’m lucky, the seed will sprout if I can disagree with my body’s dramatics.

kale-benefitsI start out in the kitchen. This is where the training that began in childhood kicks in; I thank my parents for basic skills, and even for some of the more anal retentive details I never fail to miss (there will be no water left on or under the sink faucet because that’s where bacteria grow, coffee pots are always set up the night before, counters are always wiped down when not in use, etc). I can go on auto-pilot in the kitchen: in today’s haze I put away a sink full of clean dishes, washed a sink of dirties, set up the coffee pot, then I began cooking… I chopped onion and garlic and set to slow-cooking them in olive oil until they turned translucent. While that was going on, I blanched some kale and cooked some lentils. Translucent oil members (into which was stirred turmeric, cumin, coriander, fenugreek, cayenne and asafoetida) and tender kale were then run through the food processor together. I added this mess back to the pan with 1/2c crushed tomatoes and 1c cooked lentils. It will be served over the Basmati rice I also happened to remember to make.

1043891_501849169888566_1578071752_nBut wait, it gets better!

Well, not that much better… but still I followed up the cooking with cleaning up the big mess I made. Clean towels were folded and put away, clean clothes were sorted and a trash bag full from the bath/bedrooms was collected.

None of what I was able to do resulted in a perfectly clean house, lord knows… but what the lord might also know is that I succeeded in overcoming a day in bed by starting simple. It seems to be a habit of my body now to refuse the time twenty minutes after waking until the mid-afternoon. Y’know, I’ve actually become a morning person… usually awake by 8am and until 10pm or so. Only a few hours of that time is spent not vomitously dizzy or weaker than water. While I still have the ability to work around my body’s limitations, however, I have to disregard its waffling infant’s cry of more time in bed.

Because bed is great ‘n everything but I already spend too much time in it. Life fucking beckons, if you’ll forgive my french. Not long ago, this kind of day would be only part of a standard course of house-keeping, but today I am proud of what I was able to do instead of reviling what was too difficult.

Plus, dinner will be awesome and later tonight: adaptive yoga class. Boo-yah!

  1. I hear you. Tonight, although I did not want to drive again to a regular Wed night outing after I got home, as my head was pounding, I did have a cool tub, and do my exercises. Not such a lovely dinner though -merely a can of beans with a coisant – but yummy. Something I could only have when I am home alone. 🙂

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