Vision Quest(ions)

602779_224072977747539_549267490_nIt took a really long time for me to actually read this the entire way through — usually I skim, because my eyes won’t allow me to settle in one place long enough to read a block of text like this (hence, my “no more books on the amazon wishlist” or “please don’t buy me books as gifts anymore” or “does it have pictures?” policies).

But Kathy, how is it that you can scroll through 30 pages of HTML/CSS/Javascript code to create websites?

Yeah, that part doesn’t always make complete sense to me either. The CTRL-F hotkeys and knowing at least 4-5 of the characters you seek (hex codes, brackets, etc.) is incredibly helpful, as is letting my eyes go completely out of focus while I scroll from one place to another (yeah, I like to think of that as a fun, internal party trick instead of a degenerative process to keep my chin up).

Also, code is a little easier to maneuver than straight-up boxes of tight text.

Thank you for asking. Now, back to the above picture. It describes, as I see it, the fundamentals of gratitude. And on what could be a shitty day this made me smile. It made me thankful.

There are utility bills to decide between, and money to be found for all the other bills also about to come due. Today I will channel zen in the kitchen (oooh, girl — I made some amazing pulled pork yesterday. It’s in the crock pot, and some will be used for fried rice tonight) and additionally continue using the internet to find money. I am overwhelmed, but I am happy.



  1. “Like” isn’t strong enough here. Thank you for both sharing a great graphic that makes you think AND reminding me to do a Gratitude Rampage. You are the best.

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