“Be Careful :-)”

1044360_10151596390933778_525666404_nI love my neurologist and his nurse has become our friend. I sent a letter a week or so ago and got a response today via phone call from my/his nurse. I’m getting several referrals for the problems I wrote to him about (psych for anxiety, urology for frequency, ophthalmology for diminution, physical therapy for my alter-ego Stumbly McTightlegs ,and a swallowing study). She detailed the notes he wrote on my letter… last of which was in response to my goings-on as Stumbly: “Be Careful :-).”

I’m being switched from Gilenya to Tecfidera soon (Gilenya’s not helping), and my Ampyra application is being sent. It’s more than a little scary to know that neither the 3 years of Betaseron, nor this half-year on Gilenya (I should already have been showing either improvement or non-effing-worsening) have been laudatory.

But enough Gloomy Gus. I am inserting into my evening a slight change to Cookie Monster’s philosophy. With ice cream. And how in the world could you ever not be grateful for ice cream?*

I am infinitely grateful for the neurologist I chose; that cannot be said about the three others I’ve had since my diagnosis. I am as grateful, too for the nurse that just happened to come with him like a beautifully-wrapped gift. The first neurologist refused to see me when I sat all day in the waiting room with important papers that needed her signature. The second looked at my MRI (the one that diagnosed me, and showed a number of lesions) and said, “Well I’m just not sure if you have MS.” The third would only write “Temporary” parking details; it was like driving around with a scarlet letter on my rear-view mirror that screamed, “MY CONDITION IS RESOLVABLE.”

My fourth is of near-miracle proportions. I now get a blue parking decal, he’s returned a call on his day off, deals with my letters… and today even an actual smiley face. It’s a little thing… but it gave me, too, a smiley face.

Now, knowing that it should me more joyous than frightening a thing to have more medical tests, I am off to have a little of that ice cream.

*If you’re lactose intolerant, which I sometimes am so ain’t no hatin, please insert your favorite non-dairy dessert item.

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