What the Duck?

Today I am grateful because:

  • 1003063_10151540263306372_1467698069_nAfter two meals of this I have experienced less cog fog. Thank you, Dr. Wahls, for teaching me the science behind one’s diet.
  • I am going to Physical Therapy now, and I already feel positive changes in my balance. The entire staff — from clinicians to receptionists — make me feel better about myself both externally and emotionally.
  • 999126_10201691828639563_1361330980_nThe day we lost my wife’s cat of fifteen years — nay, as we were burying her — a small female mallard walked up to us and became friendly enough to have to gate out of the house. She has a name now — Miss Molly (short for “Mallard”) McQuackers. She chases the car down the driveway when we leave the house, and has walked right up to the front door and called for company (food). We’ve had a couple of meals outside with her, and have introduced her to all of our “real” pets. Cowboy is scared of her, Sadie (left) is skeptical, and LouLou (cat) has been sternly warned against bringing her home as a trophy (I think and hope he understands the difference in wild animals with which we confer and those we do not; he is, however, a bloodthirsty criminal who one night brought us the head of a bunny).
  • Yesterday we took the dogs to the park. I got in a 1/2 mile walk!
  • I lifted weights this morning before PT. Little weights, don’t be too impressed.
  • I have so much love in my life. More than I think I could ever wrap my mind around. Then, also — a duck!Breaking-Bad-Season-5
  • I get to see my neurologist on Thursday.
  • And omigosh, do any of you watch Breaking Bad? Daaaaang.


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